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Communication software Channels Text Workflow For Event Management

Event management is a difficult process. You have to keep track of the many different things that go into planning and executing an event. Because it can be so overwhelming, people often turn to communication software Channels Text Workflow for help.

This software has been designed with event managers in mind, making every step as simple as possible.

Three University of Michigan students are building Channels Inc., a communication software tailored for physical workers, and already racking up some big customers in the event management industry.

The company’s customer list boasts names like Marriott Hotels, and it announced a $520,000 seed round led by Sahra Growth Capital to give them nearly $570,00 in total funding.

The communication software Channels Text Workflow helps event managers to organize and manage their events. This is a perfect tool for those who are looking for an easy way to communicate with all of the attendees in one place! You can use it as your primary text messaging service, or you can integrate it into other platforms like Slack, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Channels Text Workflow is compatible with all major operating systems and devices, meaning you will never miss out on important information from other members of your team again!

Because of the inherent advantages to digital communications, it’s likely that legacy communication platforms like Slack will eventually be replaced by more modern software.

However with remote workers and text messaging in mind, there are still some disadvantages – you have to scroll through your message history or deal with losing old messages when responding to a new one.

To address these issues for small hotels transitioning into the world of technology they began developing their own SaaS platform which offers an easy-to-use live personnel map as well as other features such as nonchronological ordering allowing users quick access, discussion abilities enabling easier collaboration on projects without having missed any information along the way due answer questions from different people across various time zones simultaneously all while providing search capabilities so nothing is ever lost.

The company, Channels, is about to make a splash with its new funding. The funds will be used for development and engineering hires in order to grow at the international level they are currently striving towards.

These changes also allow Kaul Rosen Mohammed to continue studying business on one side while focusing more time on developing this startup from his home country of Jordan opposite co-founder Scott Rosen who has most recently been based out of Silicon Valley throughout recent years working as an engineer himself before starting up this venture which he says now “has potential”.

The CEO of Sahra Growth Capital, Jamal Al-Barrak, said that Channels was one of the first investments his firm made under their 2020 Dubai X-Series competition sponsorship. He liked how persistent and focused they were on making events happen for other companies.

Al Barrak enjoyed hearing about all the hard work and effort put in by founders Zainab Mughalian Mohammad Abbasi to make event planning successful at such a young age.