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11 Artificial Intelligence Applications (2021)

Artificial intelligence is something that has been around for decades, but it’s only recently become a hot topic in the media. A lot of people are talking about how artificial intelligence will change our lives and what it means to society. But there are some applications that you may not have considered before.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly spreading across the globe and already has a profound influence on our society.

A recent report from Statista reveals that by 2020, AI software revenue will grow to $22.6 billion with 54% year-on-year growth annually. This means in just two years’ time, artificial intelligence could be worth more than 20 times as much!

One of the main reasons for this rapid adoption rate is due to Gartner’s findings that 37% of organizations have implemented some form of it while also growing 270% over four years ago alone.

This article will explore 5 different ways artificial intelligence is being used today.

artificial intelligence

1. Self-driving cars

Artificial intelligence is not just for the likes of Google and Tesla anymore. Self-driving cars have been around since 2016, becoming increasingly reliable every single day. Plus they are ready to be deployed at any time!

The future of transportation is looking brighter and smarter with the implementation of AI. Advanced deep learning algorithms are able to predict what objects in your vehicle’s vicinity will do, such as traffic signs or pedestrians crossing a street.

The input data for this system includes radar signals from the car, cameras that detect other vehicles on the road ahead of you (and decide if they pose a risk), GPS signals about where you currently are located so it can help guide navigation through maps; inputs also come from cloud services because while many cars already have intelligent parking systems installed by default nowadays as I mentioned earlier – some high-end models even come equipped with an automation system too!

2. Marketing

AI is a powerful tool for marketers who are always looking to be more creative and effective. Artificial intelligence applications can help you analyze behavioral patterns, understand customer needs better with the right content strategies, retarget your audience at just the right time to ensure they feel less annoyed by ads! AI also helps make sure that a brand’s voice matches their style through personalized ad campaigns in any niche or product category.

Chatbots are a new way to communicate through the internet. Users can interact with them in their natural languages and they will respond back just like humans would! Chatbot’s Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Natural Language Generation come together for this groundbreaking technology that is revolutionizing how we chat online.

3. Healthcare

The Healthcare sector is one of the fastest leaders in adopting AI. It’s due to how much power there is behind this technology, which allows for fast number crunching and learning from past data – two things that are crucial within healthcare!

AI has taken an even more critical step when it comes to looking after patients with its ability to think critically about a patient’s history and adjust accordingly.

The automated bots and healthcare applications are making it easier for medical professionals to take care of patients in their facilities. There is no need for a doctor’s appointment because these programs can provide assistance with medication, treatments, or other procedures!

4. Customer Service

The day has finally come. Chatbots are now being deployed to assist with customer service in a wide variety of industries, from retail and healthcare to financial services. A chatbot is more than just an automated response though; after all, they’re powered by artificial intelligence that can respond dynamically based on the inputs you give it!

The next time I have questions about my bank account balance or want some advice about which shoes would go best together for work today–I know who’s got me covered: My friendly neighborhood AI-powered chatbot 🙂

5. Security

I was always worried about the possibility of human error when using traditional security cameras, but I never thought that artificial intelligence could be a safe alternative. But if it can identify accidents and mistakes in real-time then there’s no way we won’t have safer environments!

AI is on the verge of taking over traditional security monitoring by eliminating human error. AI can be trained to take input from cameras and make decisions with its collected data, for example identifying threats through pattern recognition or unusual movements in a particular area.

AI has the potential to save lives. Imagine if AI could identify an intruder on your property and call authorities for help! In a world where safety is typically preoccupied with fear, this would be one way we can make it easier in our daily life by using artificial intelligence to do some of the work.

AI will soon become even more advanced as engineers continue developing new algorithms that detect behavior patterns and anticipate future activity or events based on historical data sets collected from specific sources such as surveillance cameras.

artificial intelligence

6. Recruitment

With the help of AI, recruiters are able to eliminate all human errors and ensure that they make their decisions based on proven factors. Chatbots can provide a simple Q&A for potential candidates in order to create an accurate profile before you even set up an interview with them; this saves time while still ensuring that fair consideration is given!

The best thing about AI in HR is that it can help compose the most attractive and persuasive job offers based on trends and interviewee behavior. So, while there are some things only humans can do like replace a human being, there’s no doubt they’ll be able to ease their daily workload!

7. Video Games

AI in the gaming industry is one of its most impressive features. Over the past few years, it has become a crucial part of how we play games and interact with them. The unpredictability that comes from opponents getting smarter as they go along adds an element to gameplay- what will happen next?

Many have predicted this technology’s use for movies or education but only time can tell if these predictions will come true!

The gaming world is the best place to experience artificial intelligence. This platform incorporates complex AI applications in a variety of ways, from designing games themselves and even developing characters who are strategically altered based on how hard they’re challenged. As if that’s not enough, game designers also frame their stories with just as much strategic thinking!

8. Transport

AI is changing the way that we get from one place to another, and it’s not just about autonomous cars. AI is now being applied to transit infrastructure itself in order to make mass transportation more efficient than ever before!

Transporting people was always a challenge that required significant effort on multiple sides if there was one segment where AI needed some work -it would be with public transport. At this point, surveys have shown us how useful artificial intelligence can be for traffic analysis as well as detecting things like accidents or weather changes.

AI has also been able to assist in providing information around journey planning which could make traveling less of a headache when all you need are directions home or through town without running into trouble along the way.

9. Banks

AI is a dynamic and evolving field of technology, so it’s no surprise that AI has already been used by banks to provide customer support. For instance, some have adopted AI-based systems or software for this purpose. What you may not know is how much more banking companies can gain from the use of artificial intelligence! Take fraud detection as an example; humans find it hard to catch on but machines are good at spotting patterns in data.

Security specialists all over the world are relying on AI to stop fraud. By tracing card usage and endpoint access, these hard-working security experts can narrow down where fraudulent activity is occurring in order to mitigate it quicker than ever before!

10. Agriculture

AI in agriculture is the future, and it’s already here. With drones that can fly through fields to collect vital data about crops from seedlings all the way up to harvested produce; cameras on tractors used for harvesting that help farmers estimate when they should start planting next season based on how much rain there was last year — these are just two examples of AI being utilized today!

Drones are a farmer’s best friend – they can monitor the growth of crops, livestock, and other needs. Cameras not only help with spotting any impending problems or infestations but also analyze specific cultures to understand them better too!

11. Voice Recognition

Speech recognition has been around for a while but it’s only recently that people have really started to invest in the technology. This is because of systems like Siri, Alexa, and other speech-enabled technologies that are making huge leaps with intelligent vocabulary expansion, more natural language understanding, and much higher answer quality.

Nowadays voice recognition powers everything from Google Searches to GPS maps – these days you can even use your phone hands-free!

Artificial Intelligence

Some of the most popular applications of artificial intelligence today


Alexa is the undisputed champion of smart homes. Alexa’s rise to fame has been meteoric and she can be found in every corner of your home, from a kitchen timer setting an alarm for you to opening blinds so it doesn’t get too hot during the day or turning on a light when you walk into another room. With her help, we are able to do anything that one could imagine with just our voice!


You don’t have to wait for Amazon’s new A.I.-powered product delivery service because it is already here! These algorithms are so advanced that they can predict what you want before you know yourself, and will even ship your order from across the country if necessary.

Amazon has been working on this project since 2012 but after five years of refinement, their systems finally reached a point where we couldn’t tell them any more about our wants or needs without sounding crazy. That means no matter how many times I’ve bought brownie mix in my life (and who hasn’t?), once these robots figure out which one I’ll buy next time around, they’re going to make the purchase themselves.

Amazon has been in the AI business for years, and they know us better than we even know ourselves! With an algorithm that’s constantly refined with each passing year, Amazon is able to predict what you’re going to be interested in buying by tracking your online behavior. While it hasn’t quite figured out how to ship products before you need them yet (though who knows when!), this does not mean that it isn’t on its way – Bezos’ aspirations are always sky-high!


Apple’s Siri is the voice-activated computer that we interact with on a daily basis. She helps us find information, gives us directions and so much more! You can chat to her about anything you want – from getting traffic updates or finding out how many ounces are in 1 gallon of milk to what time your favorite show will be airing next week.


Netflix uses advanced predictive technology to provide you with high-accuracy suggestions for films based on your previous reactions and choices. With billions of records analyzed, the tech suggests movies that are most likely to appeal to you given what’s already in your queue or watched list.

Of course, this system does have one drawback- small-labeled flicks get overlooked while big names grow exponentially because they’re heavily marketed by distributors like Netflix itself!

Netflix is always looking out for its users’ best interests with its highly accurate movie recommendations which analyzes customer reaction data from across all genres and labels when suggesting a film tailored just for them.


Artificial intelligence is more than hype and could make the difference between company survival or company success. There are many examples of artificial intelligence that can be found in everyday life, from web searches to your email spam filter.

AI has been used for some time now but it’s only recently become popular with all types of consumers because its applications have grown exponentially over the last few years.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and it’s about making a difference in your business. It was the talk of last year but now artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our lives.